Landau is one of the classic brands when it comes to medical wear. Their slogan is "made better" and there five reasons for this follows. First, Landau clothing is made from exclusive fabric construction that sets the standard in the industry. Each roll of fabric is tested for durability before it is cut to become a garment. Secondly, Landau claims to have better color with their unique finishing process that makes colors vibrant and keeps them that way. Third, Landau has better design as their in-house design team stays ahead of design trends and makes their patterns accordingly. Fourth, better construction is essential to keep you comfortable all day long whether you are standing, sitting, walking, or running! Lastly, Landau boasts its better quality control with their meticulous inspection of each garment. Landau also makes footwear with the same great care that they put into their garments, so they can outfit you from head to toe!