Sanibel Scrubs

You will only find it here - this is our exclusive in-house brand! We created Sanibel Scrubs with one goal in mind: offer the best value possible to our customers. To accomplish this, we decided to take matters into our own hands and develop a high quality scrub that we could offer at shockingly low prices. How can we offer such high quality at such low prices? No, we didn't cut corners on our garments - we cut out the middle man! This brand is our own, which means we do not have thresholds to adhere to as far as what we can price our brand at - so here it is...your new favorite scrub brand!

Store manager opinion: Sanibel Scrubs are the #1 selling item in store. The pants are soft and comfortable, and they make bending easy. The elastic waist has side pockets and the drawstring pants have pockets up near the top with a small side pocket. The tops also have plenty of pockets. It is one of the most flattering scrub sets on the market.