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Infinity Scrubs

I cannot say enough about this Cherokee line. First of all, all of the Infinity by Cherokee line products have Certainty anti-microbial technology, which is almost a necessity in this day and age. Secondly, this collection is extremely detailed, adding functionality to fashion. For example, take the hidden cell phone pocket. Tucked inside a larger pocket, it is the perfect cubby to hold your little companion all day. Or, notice the bungee ID badge loop. Nestled between the seams in the upper shoulder area, this loop is still fashionable, yet extremely functional. My favorite feature is the zip-closure cargo pocket, perfect for storing those easy-to-lose items! Other details include a sewn on insignia, a Certainty reflective label, a logo O-ring, a rib knit back, and an adjustable bungee for the leg openings to keep those pant legs from dragging microbes around.

This line comes in traditional colors like ciel, hunter green, pewter, navy, and black. If you are fortunate enough to not have a color restriction on the scrubs you wear, they have you covered! With color choices like Wild Orchid, Citrus, and the newly added three, you are sure to brighten the day of those around you! Let's talk about the new solids: Apricot Delight, Candy Apple, and turquoise. Apricot Delight is the perfect shade of pink. It is fresh, bright, and exciting, without being too overbearing. It is the perfect color for spring and summer! Candy Apple reminds us of a green apple at prime harvesting time. A subdued hue of bright green, it is bright yet soft on the eyes. This color, too, is great for spring and summer, and could even be worn in the fall! Lastly, we have turquoise. This is a no-fail color, perfect for every skin tone. And, not seasonal like the other two, this color is intriguing, beautiful, and perfect for anytime of year. Be sure to snag your favorite(s) soon though - Apricot Delight and Candy Apple are fashion colors that will be sold while supplies last!

If you have the freedom to choose your scrubs without restrictions on colors or solids, Infinity introduced some pretty amazing prints. See some of the new prints below, but there are more than what is shown here. View them all here!

Love You Dots (LODS) features a dark, yet intricate, background featuring white and Candy Apple colored dots. Freckled with turquoise hearts, this top creates interest, and allows a great variety of colors to pair on the bottom, like black, white, turquoise, or Candy Apple - that is four different looks with one top!

If you are looking for something more fashion-forward, try the Textured Chevron (TECN) print. Chevron is a big deal in every day fashion right now, so incorporating it into your work wardrobe is only natural! Plus, it uses the new Apricot Delight color as a base, with black design over top. This top pairs well with black or Apricot Delight colored pants.

Okay, time to pick favorites. The Mod About You (MBYO) top is the winner in my book. It is classic, fun, and modern all in one! The main pattern colors are black and white. Classic right? Arranged in a modern pattern (are you following me?) with just enough Apricot Delight and Carmine Pink to make it pop! Need to see it? It is the one pictured below. Front and center. This top can also be paired with four different pant colors: black, white, Apricot Delight, or Carmine Pink!

New Prints by Infinity

The Infinity by Cherokee line was created with an athletic-inspired style. Each piece is designed for fit and comfort, while made to perform at an optimum level. With the right combination of flexibility and durability, these pieces not only hold up well, but they are extremely flattering. Don't forget to check out the pant styles, including low-rise drawstring and low-rise slim pull-on. Careful! The fashion colors Candy Apple and Apricot Delight only come in the drawstring pant style! These pants come in all of the coordinating colors for the tops and will complete your look. Plus, changing the pant color but pairing it with the same top will give you more than one look out of your new top! Just another way The Uniform Outlet is trying to save you money while keeping you looking your very best! Shop the Infinity collection now!

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