Scrubanthropy: IguanaMed Donates 500 Scrubs Per Month


IguanaMed opens up a fresh view on medical scrubs with their latest project: Scrubanthropy, it's "like philanthropy--but with scrubs." IguanaMed defines scrubanthropy as "the effort of inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donation of scrubs." Their goal is to allow everyone to be comfortable. They are rethinking medical scrubs--they don't just have to be for the medical profession (although they do donate there as well). The main categories in which IguanaMed regularly donates scrubs are:

Medical: Servicing medical individuals and groups worldwide needing comfortable medical scrubs.

Sports: Donating scrub tops as jerseys for school sports in places that cannot afford new uniforms.

Arts: Offering art programs scrub tops for painting and craft smocks.

Education: Providing scrubs to educators that travel to communities around the world to provide knowledge about medical practices and advise people who are less fortunate.

Homeless: Allowing for a comfy option of clothing for people needing shelter or protection from the elements or the cold.

The hope is that in providing these scrubs to those in need, it will inspire them to be more efficient, or to feel more safe and warm, to offer new opportunities, or to just be comfortable in what they do. IguanaMed continues to donate more than 500 scrubs each and every month because of the growth of hope and their customers: "It brings us pleasure to see such a wide variety of recipients appreciate and enjoy the comforts and versatility of an IguanaMed scrub," the say. Anyone can suggest a recipient on their website. So click here if you know of someone or somewhere that would benefit from Scrubanthropy.

In general, IguanaMed is a fast growing company--extremely fast growing. Less than a decade old, they already extend to offering scrubs in Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Finland, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Russia, and many more. At The Uniform Outlet, we are proud to carry their line of scrubs because we are confident in the product. We know that each design has been meticulously thought-out, and each garment is of the best quality with at least double stitching, sometimes triple. Stop on in today to see the IguanaMed scrub selection, and feel free to contract us with any questions.

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