Nursing Scrubs: Which Material is Right for You?

Nursing Scrubs

The material that you choose for your nursing scrubs will determine how comfortable you are while performing your duties. While there are many options available, several are more popular than others for a number of reasons. Durability, affordability, and ease of washing can all come into play when making your decision. Below is an overview of the various materials used when making nursing uniforms and, hopefully, this information will help you make an informed decision when you decide to buy your next pair of scrubs.

Polyester and Cotton

By far the most popular option, these scrubs are typically a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Because of this fabric's blend, they are inexpensive, resist wrinkling, and dry faster after being washed. Their low maintenance combined with their above average durability make them a solid, dependable choice for nursing uniforms.


Gaining popularity, 100% cotton scrubs offer the highest level of softness and durability. Furthermore, all-cotton scrubs are less sheer than other fabrics, which prevents others from being able to see through them. A little more time consuming to launder and more prone to wrinkles, 100% cotton uniforms also tend to cost a little more than traditional polyester/cotton blends.


Offering the lowest price point, 100% polyester scrubs are resistant to wrinkles and dry rapidly. With its high shine and lightweight feel, some professionals find polyester to be distracting while others feel it is a cooler, hassle-free option. One thing to bear in mind when considering polyester uniforms is that the fabric breathes less than cotton. This means that if you're constantly on the move during your shifts, you may wish to consider a breathable fabric that will allow your body to cool.

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