Choosing the Best Scrubs for Your Position

best medical scrubs

In the medical world, scrubs are worn by surgeons, dentists, assistants and, of course, doctors and nurses. With many hospitals placing restrictions on their personnel that prevent them from wearing exposed clothing, such as t-shirts, beneath their scrubs, it's important to find the best style of scrubs for your personality. However, it's even more important to meet the requirements of your position. Hospitals often have strict written codes concerning medical scrubs or, in many places, certain styles have evolved among the staff members based on their experiences. In this post, we're going to look at the best scrubs for various positions in the hospital.


While clinical nurses often opt for inexpensive scrubs, duty nurses have an array of options available to them. Because they aren't involved in surgical procedures, duty nurses get more use out of their scrubs and, as a result, typically purchase nicer, washable medical scrubs that will last a while.


Like duty nurses, doctors have a wider selection of scrubs than hospital personnel that frequently work in the operating room. In addition to their scrubs, doctors often distinguish themselves by wearing a white laboratory coat which is also capable of storing their hospital badge, writing utensils and medical references.


Almost unanimously choosing short-sleeved scrubs, surgeons tend to purchase inexpensive medical scrubs. Because they often work in the operating room, inexpensive - or disposable - scrubs can be discarded after surgery.

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