Choosing the Best Warm-Up Jacket Style

Warm Up Jackets

With the arrival of fall, it is time again to think about warm-up jackets. Whether you wear yours just to get from your car to the workplace, or whether you use yours all day long, we know that some feel very strongly about their warm-up jacket style. With the plethora of options that we offer, we decided to break our warm-up jackets up into three different categories, and explain the benefits and downfalls of each!

Button Front

Try our Sanibel Warm-Up Jacket

Sanibel Warm-Up Jacket

Pros: Button front warm-up jackets are often thought of as more traditional, so if you are into more traditional styling this is your best option! Plus, if a button comes off, you can easily sew it back on and increase the wear of your jacket. Lastly, fastening buttons is silent, so you will not have the noise factor of the other two options!

Cons: Small buttons can be tedious and time consuming. In our professions, we are usually in a hurry, so throwing on a warm-up jacket just to have to stand there to get buttons adjusted can be inefficient.


Snap Front

Try Code Happy's Snap Front Jacket 

Code Happy Warm-Up Jacket

Pros: Snap fronts are quicker than buttons, creating a more efficient process. Also, snaps seem to have a strong hold, but can come apart easily should you get caught on something. This can prevent tearing of your scrub jacket.

Cons: Fastening snap buttons can be loud. Also, if you happen to tug wrong, it can make the snaps come apart and you will have to re-snap them which eats up your time. Lastly, if a snap breaks, many times it is beyond repair and you will have to get a new jacket all together.


Zipper Front

Try Cherokee Infinity's Warm-Up Jacket 

Infinity Zip

Pros: This is the most modern spin on the warm-up jacket. Zippers are quick and efficient, allowing you to throw on your scrub jacket on the move.

Cons: Zippers break, and once they do they are usually pretty expensive to replace - so you will probably end up buying another scrub jacket to replace it. 

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