Scrubs for Veterinarians, Vet-techs, Assistants, and Groomers at The Uniform Outlet

Veterinary Scrubs

At The Uniform Outlet, we offer great scrub options for those working with animals. If you work in a veterinary setting, scrubs are a great option! Whether you are a veterinarian, vet-tech, or assistant, scrubs can help to keep you clean. Plus, they are comfortable all day long and don't restrict your movement! Also, many groomers have switched to using scrubs because of their easy clean-up and pockets to hold tools. If you work with animals, here are our top three suggestions for scrubs to help you perform your job tasks!

Wink 4-Way Stretch

If you are required to or prefer to wear solids, we highly recommend trying Wink 4-way stretch scrubs. These are our best sellers in this industry, as hair slides right off of them. No more hairy clothes! Plus, these scrubs are easy care - just throw them in the wash and hang to dry. Their dry time is significantly shorter than other scrubs, which is also a bonus if you get splashed during the work day. These scrubs are only available in store. To find a store near you, click here.

Wink 4-Way Stretch Scrubs

Code Happy Scrubs with Certainty Plus Technology

Code Happy comes in a variety of solids and prints, but the key is to look for the Certainty Plus technology. This fabric is water resistant, which makes these scrubs a great option for anyone working with animals, but especially those who bathe them. Stay dry in your scrubs while you perform this task! This is a favorite for our groomers! To shop Certainty Plus technology, click here

Code Happy with Certainty Plus

Print Tops

If you are fortunate enough to have the option to wear prints, we have some you will love! Shop our animal prints which can feature anything from animal print patterns to fun prints like this raining Cats and Dogs top (find it here!).

Raining Cats and Dogs

We appreciate our veterinarians and other individuals who work with animals, so we offer the best scrubs on the market at the best prices to help you perform your tasks! Stop into one of our stores or shop online!

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