Do Medical Scrubs Have a Role in Treatment in Children?


It's not surprising that the goal of most nurses is to be the best they can be for their patients. Their work ethic and dedication to their jobs is unparalleled. What is surprising is that a nurse's scrubs actually can affect the way a patient feels about them, and in some cases can even interfere with treatment. With that being said, it's undoubtedly important that every chooses medical scrubs that will help comfort their patients, and allow them to provide the best possible care. Traditionally, nursing scrubs were restricted to white with very few different styles. That is not the case today. There are many scrub manufacturers who offer scrubs in countless colors, patterns, and styles.

In April 2009, the Journal of Clinical Nursing did a study at a children's hospital in Florence. In the study, patients between the ages of six to sixteen and their guardians were surveyed using open-ended questions and semantic differential scales. Their reactions to nurses in multicolored nursing scrubs, versus traditional white scrubs, were studied. The results were very clear in that the multicolored scrubs drastically improved how the children and guardians perceived the nurses and made them much more receptive and comfortable with the treatments they were being given.

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