Tips from Store Managers: How to Remove Blood and Ink Stains

Remove Stains From Scrubs

Our company is fortunate to have a great group of knowledgeable people staffing our stores that are excited to share their tips, secrets, and answers to some commonly asked questions!

The #1 recommendation from our managers to get rid of tough stains is Scrub-A-Dub by Cherokee. This is a gel stick that is designed for removing blood, ink and tough stains. Our managers stand by its immense cleaning power - one even got grease out of her pants in under 10 seconds! It is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for all machine washables! Plus, it conveniently fits in your work bag so you can have it available at all times! If you do not have a Scrub-A-Dub stick handy, you can pick one up for an affordable price in our stores, but if you are in a pinch and caught the stain before it dried, read how to remove a fresh blood stain below! Use the method below at your own discretion, as hydrogen peroxide can bleach, weaken, or stain clothing. Additionally, this method seems to work best on lighter colored scrubs.

Removing wet blood from garments:

  • If you are able to catch the blood stain right away, and it is still wet, rinse your garment in cold water. Warm water can make the stain set.
  • Then, carefully pour some hydrogen peroxide on the stain. Use it sparingly, however, as it can bleach, weaken or stain the clothing itself. The reaction should cause foam. Be sure to keep the foam to a confined area over the stain.
  • Keep adding small amounts of the hydrogen peroxide until the foam stabilizes.
  • Wipe away the foam and then add more hydrogen peroxide until the stain is gone or very faint. Remember, because hydrogen peroxide can weaken the clothing, a faint stain may be better than deteriorating the area of your medical scrubs, so find a happy balance.
  • Now, wash with cold water and your normal detergent.
  • If you are working with an extremely stained garment, you can soak it in hydrogen peroxide for 15-20 minutes. However, this method should be used only in extreme cases and with caution. Immediately after soaking, you should rinse the garment with cold water, then wash in cold water with your normal detergent.  

Now, there are numerous different remedies for dried stains - from using milk to shampoo. Although these tasks are easily searchable online, we recommend Scrub-A-Dub and catching your stains quickly before they set. One of the keys to getting stains out is to work on them before you expose them to heat, such as machine drying them. This can make the stain set, which makes it even harder to get out. If a garment is beyond saving, at least you know you can affordably replace it at one of our locations!

*The Uniform Outlet does not recommend any alteration to your scrubs, and does not take responsibility for any damage caused to clothing under the above cleaning methods. This information is solely for the reader to use at their own liability and discretion. 

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