Sapphire Scrubs

Saphire Scrubs

Are you looking for a mature, sophisticated look to your work wardrobe?

Several brands have been introducing lines that are fashion forward. Many of these styles are more trendy than sophisticated - which is great for some, but not for everyone. The market seemed to be lacking a high-end fashion, luxurious brand that catered more toward a mature figure and taste.

Sapphire Scrubs positions themselves as the high-end detail, luxury scrubs, likely to appeal to individuals with sophisticated taste that do not want to sacrifice comfort for style. The rayon, spandex, polyester blend of these scrubs give them a soft, draping feel that is comfortable and flexible. Armed with CERTAINTY anti-microbial technology, this line not only looks great, but you know you will not be sacrificing functionality.  

The "Paris" v-neck top features tasteful cut-outs in the shoulder area.  This gives interest to the scrubs while still keeping that sophisticated look. This top comes in white, pink sapphire, ruby red, and wine.
Paris V-Neck Top

The "Madison" top also has a v-neck shape, but this top features triangle cut-outs on the neckline. This top comes in white, ruby red, pink sapphire, sapphire blue, ceil blue, and wine.
Madision V-Neck Top

The "Chelsea" long-sleeve tee is great for layering and comes in black or white which are great neutral colors to go with any color scrub set.
Chelsea Long Sleeve Tee

The "Melrose" notched jacket is elegant. The neck detail preserves the sophisticated feel, and the attention to detail is impeccable. You will notice careful angled cuts and stitching which adds interest and dimension. This jacket has a comfortable fit and a flattering look to it. Available in pewter, ruby red, sapphire blue, pink sapphire, navy, ceil blue, and wine.
Melrose Jacket

The "Roma" low rise zip fly slim pant is a flattering choice. The slim cut eliminates the baggy feel that many other scrub pants have. These pants come in white, ruby red, pink sapphire, sapphire blue, ceil blue, wine, pewter, and Caribbean blue.

The "Vienna" mid-rise straight leg pant is a great choice for those looking for a little more room in the leg area while still avoiding the "frumpy" look. These pants come in white, ruby red, pink sapphire, sapphire blue, ceil blue, wine, and Caribbean blue.

So, if you are ready to try a sophisticated look, look no further! Sapphire Scrubs is a luxurious brand that will make anyone feel empowered. Plus, they would make a great Valentine's Day or Mother's Day gift!

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