How to Find the Best Scrubs for Your Style

Best Scrubs for Your Style

Medical uniforms are constantly evolving. From modern slim cuts to the rising popularity of patterned fabrics, nursing scrubs come in a variety of colors, fabrics and styles. Whether you've allocated a large budget to redoing your wardrobe or you're simply looking to replace a couple key pieces, deciding which scrubs fit your style can be a daunting and time-consuming task. In this post, we're going to try to make your decision easier by giving an overview of what's available, what's fashionable and what will work best with your personal style.

1. Fabrics

Medical scrubs come in a wide variety of fabrics: cotton, spandex, polyester and more. Depending on your daily routine, certain fabrics may perform better than others. For example, if you're up and down and in and out all day long, you might consider a wrinkle-resistant option, such as polyester. On the other hand, if your nursing scrubs need to endure a lot of abuse, a more durable option such as cotton may better suit your needs.

2. Styles

As casual wear trends change, so do trends in nursing scrubs. Options include flared legs, slim cut, ribbed cuffs and more. The number of styles offered by medical uniform manufacturers is constantly growing. When considering style, the first thing you should do is examine your own personal preferences. Next, look at what is available and determine what will best fit with your working environment.

3. Budgets

Naturally, when looking at nursing scrubs you should take your budget into consideration. From high end premium lines such as Barco's Grey's Anatomy scrubs to similarly cut, affordable options like Sanibel Scrubs, the range of options is impressive.

At The Uniform Outlet, we've been offering brand name scrubs at outlet prices for over 14 years. No matter your budget or style preferences, we're certain that our catalog contains something that will complement your wardrobe. If you've been considering updating your options when it comes to nursing scrubs, take a look at our online catalog or stop by one of our 75 locations to learn more about what's available.

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