5 Tips for Maintaining Your Nursing Scrubs

Nursing scrubs Care

The Uniform Outlet offers an extensive selection of the industry's best medical scrubs. From the stylish offerings in Barco's Grey's Anatomy line to the more animated Tooniforms scrubs by Cherokee, we know that medical professionals - nurses especially - express their personality with their choice of scrubs. But, like any piece of clothing, scrubs can become faded and worn over time. Losing a valued member of your wardrobe due to everyday wear and tear or regular washing can be disheartening. Even if the same brand and style is available, sometimes it just doesn't feel the same. In this post, we're going to give you a few tips that will help you maximize the lifespan of your most beloved medical scrubs.

1. Wash before wearing

Prior to wearing your scrubs, it's best to wash them first in cold water with half a cup of vinegar on a gentle setting. This process will set the color of your new scrubs and ensure that they don't fade during future washes.

2. Only wear them at work

Workplace incidents are unavoidable, but that's what scrubs are for! On the other hand, spilling soda, food or coffee on your scrubs is much easier to prevent. To preserve your scrubs' appearance, avoid wearing them in non-work situations that could potentially result in stains.

3. Launder them alone

To keep other clothing from bleeding dyes into your wash that could discolor them, always wash your medical scrubs alone. Not only is this better for the scrubs themselves, it ensures that they are properly sanitized and disinfected.

4. Use two wash cycles

Scrubs need to be both cleaned and disinfected. To accomplish this, put them through one normal wash cycle and then a second cycle using hot water and color-safe bleach.

5. Store them properly

We store our everyday garments on hangers and in drawers. Unfortunately, this kind of storage is insufficient to protect your scrubs from contamination. To ensure that your scrubs stay clean and are always ready for a day on the job, store them in clean, airtight plastic bags when they are not in use.

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