What to Consider When Shopping for Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs

Some places will have a strict dress code while other places allow you to pick and choose your uniform. So taking a look at your company's policies is the first place to start. If you have some freedom to choose, here are some things to keep in mind when you come in to pick out your scrubs:

Basic Tunic V.s Stylish

Probably the most basic starting point is with the style. Are you looking for something hip and stylish, or would you rather stick with the classic tunic. At The Uniform Outlet, we offer great options in a variety of styles and brands.


When you have lots of things to carry around--think pens, stethoscopes, scissors, gauze, etc.--you'll definitely want enough pockets to hold it all. Depending on where you work, you should also consider purchasing scrubs with pockets that are big enough to hold tablets such as an iPad.

Side Slits

Side slits in your shirt can make movement much easier and promote more air circulation for when you get overheated. But they aren't the best option in every case. If the pants you are pairing your shirts with are full of pockets, a long tunic with slits is a great option to help reach your hands into the pockets. However, if your top is shorter or just reaches to your pants, slits may cause part of your waste to show, an unprofessional appearance and in many cases against dress code.

Comfort and Mobility

Make sure the material of scrubs you pick is comfortable for you. You're going to be wearing it all day, so you want something that will not be scratchy or irritate your skin. You also want scrubs that fit. Don't be distracted or slowed down at work because you are constantly pulling down your top when you bend over or tightening the drawstrings on pants that are too loose. Plus, clothing that is too tight or too loose-fitting can give an unprofessional impression to your clients and patients. We offer a variety of styles with plenty that are sure to fit and flatter your body type, offering sizes from XS to 5X and in petite, regular, tall, and plus sizes. And of course, you can use our fitting rooms to try them on so that you know it fits before you buy it.


While white scrubs look slick and really clean on doctors and nurses, the reality is if you are working in an environment where spills and stains are commonplace, white scrubs are just not for you. Emergency Rooms, maternity, and pediatric wards are especially harsh. Colors are a fun option that can help lift your spirits. At The Uniform Outlet, we have scrubs in almost every color you can imagine. It's always fun to get new colors depending on the season. And if you're allowed to wear patterned scrubs, there are tons of print tops to express your style, the season, or your mood!

Quality AND Quantity

When you're spending your money on scrubs, you want to make sure they last. We sell so many quality brands of scrubs, that you're sure to find something to love that will last. But just as you want your scrubs to last long-term, you also want to have enough scrubs to last between laundry cycles. Unless you want to be doing laundry every day, you should consider getting enough for at least a work's week of shifts, or at least 2-3 days-worth if you're just starting out.

But after all that's said and you're still not quite sure what you're looking for, don't fret! Just stop in today and we can start making some recommendations for you based on your job and body type. So stop into one of our many The Uniform Outlet locations and start browsing our selections today!

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