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The Infinity by Cherokee Line has Arrived at The Uniform Outlet

Cherokee Infinity Medical Scrubs

Infinity by Cherokee is the latest line that we have introduced to most of our stores. At The Uniform Outlet, we are always paying close attention to the trends in medical scrubs and adding to our huge inventory of brands, lines, and styles. In this post, we will look at why Cherokee Infinity medical scrubs may be right for you. 

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Three Advantages of Buying Medical Scrubs Online

Quality Scrubs

It's no secret that nurses and other medical professionals don't have a lot of free time. They work long hours and oftentimes have varying shifts. This makes it difficult to justify spending time in the car or at the store just to shop when it can be done online in the comfort of your home. Of course, sometimes shopping can be therapeutic, so don't rule out shopping in-store, as well. In this post we will talk about three advantages of buying your scrubs online.

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Come Shop With us at The Uniform Outlet at Cincinnati Premium Outlets in Monroe, Ohio

Medical Scrubs in Monroe OH

It's not always easy to find stylish scrubs that are also versatile and match your unique style. Different medical professionals have different needs and desires when it comes to their medical scrubs. For this reason, The Uniform Outlets carries a huge selection of top name medical scrubs to ensure you will be able to find items that suit you. In this post, we'll look at some of the brands we carry to help you decide which might work best for you. 

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Things to Consider When Choosing Your Medical Scrubs

Medical Scrubs

It's well known that nurses and other medical professionals work a lot of hours - which means much of their life is spent in scrubs. It's important to find the perfect fitting scrubs that reflect your personal style. Some hospitals, clinics, or other medical care companies have a very strict dress code and may only allow solid colors or only a certain color, but many allow nurses and other staff to wear whatever style, color, or pattern they prefer. 

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Choosing the Best Warm-Up Jacket Style

Warm Up Jackets

With the arrival of fall, it is time again to think about warm-up jackets. Whether you wear yours just to get from your car to the workplace, or whether you use yours all day long, we know that some feel very strongly about their warm-up jacket style. With the plethora of options that we offer, we decided to break our warm-up jackets up into three different categories, and explain the benefits and downfalls of each!

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Choosing the Best Scrubs for Your Position

best medical scrubs

In the medical world, scrubs are worn by surgeons, dentists, assistants and, of course, doctors and nurses. With many hospitals placing restrictions on their personnel that prevent them from wearing exposed clothing, such as t-shirts, beneath their scrubs, it's important to find the best style of scrubs for your personality. However, it's even more important to meet the requirements of your position. Hospitals often have strict written codes concerning medical scrubs or, in many places, certain styles have evolved among the staff members based on their experiences. In this post, we're going to look at the best scrubs for various positions in the hospital.

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Scrubs for Veterinarians, Vet-techs, Assistants, and Groomers at The Uniform Outlet

Veterinary Scrubs

At The Uniform Outlet, we offer great scrub options for those working with animals. If you work in a veterinary setting, veterinary scrubs are a great option! 

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Shop Lancaster’s Premier Medical Scrubs Store, The Uniform Outlet, in Rockvale Outlets Lancaster!

Lancaster Medical Scrubs

Nestled in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, you will find the Rockvale Outlets Lancaster shopping center, home to The Uniform Outlet. Residing in the same town as the oldest Amish settlement in America, this shopping center offers a wonderful shopping experience while enjoying a beautiful town with historic roots. While visiting, be sure to stop in! We provide medical scrubs and other attire and accessories to professionals working in the area hospitals, clinics, and offices.

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Sanibel Seasonal Colors: Eggplant and Galaxy Blue


With fall around the corner, Sanibel Scrubs has released their newest seasonal colors: Eggplant and Galaxy Blue. 

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Sanibel Swell has arrived!


Sanibel Scrubs has released their newest line, Sanibel Swell! Now available in stores, these scrubs were designed to cater toward the sophisticated scrub-wearing professional. 

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